Sports bra

If your looking for a good sports bra I recommend this one. Not only is it wireless but it is also seamless. The material is soft and it is stretchy. Also the material is breathable it will keep you cooler then most of sport bras. This is made from 92% nylon and 8% spandex. This sports bra is perfect for every day wear, working out, going running or jogging. It has a racer back look to make it more comfortable to wear. I like how well this sports bra clings to my body, it stays in one spot and doesn’t more so I know I’m secured while doing excerising. It is a pull over bra so there is no closure, very easy to slip on and take off. This also works as a push up bra. One of my favorite things about it is the straps, they don’t dig into your shoulders and the bra it doesn’t doesn’t cut into your skin either. The color is peach and black which is great colors. You can also use this as a crop top or you can just wear a t shirt over it, which ever makes you more comfortable. Not only is this great for women it is also great for younger ladies as well. You can just have one of these sports bra you need at least a few cause of how comfy they are. These can be hand or machine washed and dry them at least on low tumble. I received this product free.


Ring set

I totally adore this ring set. The details to this set is stunning and will amaze you. This is called past, present and future ring set. The material is cubic zirconia cz. Besides the rings they come in a beautiful gift box. This would make any girl very happy. You could use these as a wedding set or give as a anniversary/birthday gift. Recommended to any lady you have in your life that loves jewelry. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

Spa robe

This robe isn’t just comfy it’s warm as well. I love that it’s not to heavy so it can be worn during the summer as well as perfect for the fall/winter. The material is made from 100% cotton. This robe is soft to the touch and doesn’t cling to your body. This has 2 front pockets and a tie to close the rob. I like how this can be worn by men and women. Very simple to clean, it can be machine washed. I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.

Vehicle emergency lights

This set makes a great first set of lights. My husband is a firefighter so we use these are our truck. The lights are bright and very easy to see. These led emergency lights are easy to hook up just hook them up to the right positive and negative on a 12v power source. I like how there is 3 different modes such as fast strobe, single strobe and simultaneous strobe. I recommend these to anyone in the emergency field such as firefighter or ems. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.Ā®-Emergency-Vehicle-Decorative-Waterproof/dp/B01G1MH98Q/ref=cm_aya_orig_subj